Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Whole Latte Love

I am taking a short paper-writting break... (a.k.a. procrastinating... again...)

This week has already been extremely busy for me and it's only Tuesday!!

Currently I am working on my final research paper for my English class. We were able to choose one topic to cover for the entire semester and then write a research paper about that topic at the end of the semester.

I picked to do mine on coffee. Surprise, surprise. hehe

I knew from the moment I started researching everything that I had fallen in love with this subject. Of course I already knew I loved the drink but who knew there was so much to learn on it!! Every time I sit down to do research I feel a little guilty because I feel like I am just reading for pleasure, when I'm really not! (What a great feeling!)

But now it's crunch time and I really need to get my paper done.

Actually I need to get all of my studying done... I am not ready for finals in one week... uh oh!


  1. We had to do a similar project in my freshman English class. It would totally suck if you picked a bad topic.

  2. Gosh, I remember the days of research papers. English was one of my easiest college courses to write my papers for but it was so tedious sometimes. Taking a break is a good thing. It is good you are disaplined to take one. I would not stop til I was done and I would burn myslef out. :)

    What a cute blog. Love it!