Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Resolutions

I believe that spring is the perfect time to start new resolutions. Why start them in January when it's cold and dreary... spring is perfect because the weather is beautiful and something about this season just evokes the need for a "fresh start."

So I am proposing a

Spring Cleaning of Myself.

Things I want to Change:

- I am going to become a morning person. This one is going to be the hardest for me because I am the complete opposite! I get up 20 minutes before class starts (3 minute walking time) so I always feel rushed in the mornings. Instead, I want to feel calm and enjoy the peacefulness of the morning! I want to take time making breakfast and be able to actually enjoy my morning cup of coffee instead of gulping it down!

- I am going to workout every day. Ahh working out... my enemy. Now that it's spring I want to feel energized and envigorated. While I can get those feelings from coffee, there is just something about feeling naturally envigorated and motivated.

- I will not buy coffee on campus. This is where all of my money went! I am lucky enough to have an wonderful coffeemaker in my room, there is no need to pay $2-$4 for a cup of coffee!

- I am going to get into a routine. I think the best way to accomplish this is to get into a routine. Right now my days are sporatic but if I start scheduling out time for waking up, getting to sleep, studying, social activities, etc. I will be able to accomplish everyting!

- I am going to work on my severe procrastination. Ok so this one won't actually happen but it's worth a try!

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