Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Attempts

I've recently been reading a lot of blogs- all different types. But the ones that have caught my attention the most (and have inspired me to write this one) are food blogs.

As a college student my budget is tight and my food sorces are limited (no car on campus) so this is going to be my attempt at coming up with the best ways to eat and stay healthy!

At school we have a mandatory $1000/semester meal plan... but somehow halfway through this semester I have blown all of it.

Where did it all go?

To feed my coffee addiction.

I am perfectly aware and fine with my addiction until it starts wasting all of the money I need to use for food! So now I am being forced to buy all of my food at the store, which makes this the perfect time for me to start eating healthy!

Healthy eating + dorm room (a microwave and a mini fridge) = I'll see how this goes!

1 comment:

  1. You should check out some money saving blogs. Cutting coupons and matching them with sales have helped. Does your school provide some kind of transportation to the grocery store?