Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fresh Start

It has been months since I have posted. Since my last post I have been back at school for almost 2 semesters, become treasurer of my sorority, gotten an amazing boyfriend, and also gained weight.

This is the heaviest I have been in a long time and I need some serious butt kicking to get back on track.

This picture was taken during my first month of Freshman year of college. [no clue about my exact weight]

This was taken the summer after Freshman year... I have pretty much maintained this weight for a long time [145]. Side note: short hair = a big NO NO for my face.

This picture [and the next] were taken last week during spring break.

Current Weight: 147
Goal Weight: 130-135

I know I will have to make a lot of changes in what I eat and my level of exercise. Changing what I eat is going to be difficult while living on campus and being tied down to a campus meal plan along but I will figure it out!

I've missed blog world!! I hope starting up with this again will help me loose the weight and maintain a healthier life. This isn't just weight loss for me, I want to live a healthier, more active life.


  1. good luck- take it slow and you'll do it!

  2. You can totally do it! I find the hardest part about trying to live a healthier life sometimes can be the lack of support from friends. All too often they'll tell you they think it's great what you're doing but then offer you a donut or a beer and tell you one donut won't hurt your diet, etc. No matter what anyone says, just remember you're strong enough to make the right decisions for yourself and your health.