Monday, June 1, 2009

Since I've gotten my camera back I've only taken a picture of a few of my eats.... oops!
A couple of days ago I decided to try a Think Thin bar! I went with the peanut butter flavor and I ended up rather enjoying it! It's 240 calories but it packs 20 g of protien into one bar and 0 g of sugar (among many other great things) !

So that was my lunch 3 days ago and for dinner the next day I was craving spinach... weird I know. I looked in our freezer and saw that we had some spinach I decided to make a spinach pasta. It was really yummy.

I cooked the spinach for 6 mins then took it out, added lemon juice and lemon pepper, and cooked it for another min. Then I cooked some whole wheat pasta to go with it. I topped the spinach with the pasta and a little more lemon juice. Then I decided to put a little vinegar on top for an extra taste... except that way more than intended came out! (oops!). Then added some feta cheese on top! (I wanted mozzerella but we were all out). All in all it was a good and very easy dish!

After dinner I decided I wanted to try Tinas Iced Coffee idea to have the next morning!

Mine turned out less than fantastic... thanks for the not-so-wonderful coffee I used to make it. I will defenitly have to try it again when I have some better coffee because I absolutely love the idea of having my own iced coffee in the summer!

Currently drinking: New England Coffee Hazlenut Creme. It's alright... it was on sale at Publix and I decided to try it. It's ok but I'm not in love. C+


  1. that idea for pasta looks good! I may try that for lunch with quinoa!

  2. Iced coffee is one of the most heavenly drinks on earth. Ohhh mannnn.

  3. That pasta looks fabulous!

    And I LOVE iced coffee... <3

  4. I have not seen these Think Thin bars. I will have to look for them! Did it have that nasty protein taste though? I hate that!