Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Livin La Vida Mocha

If my love of coffee is strong, my love of coffee mugs is even stronger!

I have the beginings of a wonderful coffee mug collection [which I will photograph when I find my camera in my mass of unpacked college stuff], but I still want more!

I went a little bit Flickr crazy looking at all the cute coffee mugs! I love them all!!

This purple one is one of my favorites!

Do you have a favorite coffee mug you own?

Also, I found a recipe for Coffee Jello I might try this week... it sounds interesting...


  1. Oh yes! I have SO many coffee mugs that I just love! I love the giant Starbucks mugs. I also own two oversize apple red Fiesta mugs that I enjoy. =)

    I just stumbled on your blog and love it!


  2. I love that little cupcake mug. Adorable!

  3. Coffee jello?!? That is crazy!

    I love those short, wide mugs...like the red one on the saucer. Don't know why, they are just fun! :)